one on one coaching

Coaching with me is all about figuring out what you really want and then creating a plan of action that will guide you toward your desired outcome

Coaching can help with

Stress, overwhelm, burnout, mom guilt, self-confidence (feelings of failure/ not being good enough) and many other issues moms struggle with.

What many moms don't realize

When mom is struggling, it impacts the entire family. When you take care of yourself, you're also taking care of your family.


My coaching works

I have a framework for moms who want more joy and purpose in life. I use proven coaching techniques to bring positive change to moms' lives.

Do you want more time for yourself?

Do you want more quality time with your family?

Do you want to feel supported (and learn how to stop trying to do everything yourself?)

Do you want to feel like you're doing a good job?

Do you want to feel inspired and happy?

If you're ready to get clear on what you really want and establish a mindset that allows you to have the confidence to start planning your life in alignment with your true desires, I invite you to book a complimentary call with me.

In 45 minutes together, we'll:

Have a heart-to-heart and chat about what you want to change in your life

Outline the challenges that are preventing you from living the life you want

Work together to map out what needs to happen in order for you to begin to make real progress towards your desired outcome

At the end of this call, you’ll have an individualized plan with clear, practical steps to get you moving in the direction you want to go.


Questions? Contact me: [email protected]

What’s it like working with me?

"Jamie is a natural at what she does. I love her down-to-earth and approachable coaching style. She helped me identify my true goals, prioritize my life and set a plan to create my own success. She did a great job at challenging me with questions and guiding me with actionable steps to take towards the life I want. After a few conversations with Jamie, my overall state went from overwhelmed to excited about my life. I highly recommend her to any woman motivated to make a positive change in their life."

Adriana K.
Montreal, Canada

"What I loved about working with Jamie was her positive and empowering results oriented approach. Our conversations weren’t focused on rehashing my problems they were more focused on the solution which was refreshing and motivating. I was blown away by the progress I made in a short period of time. I’d recommend working with Jamie in a heartbeat, she’s amazing and I’m incredibly grateful for her impact on my life."

Liz F.
Carlsbad, California

"I had the pleasure of being coached by the amazing Jamie last month...and can I just say I hit the jackpot? I was feeling stuck in my current situation, and was going in a loop, didn’t know how to create a new direction, and then enters Jamie! After just a few coaching sessions, I started to see possibilities of a brand new direction that I didn’t even know was possible!! I finally started to feel like I am moving forward in the direction that I want in my life, and no longer stuck in same old “story”. I also started to build up momentum, and take more action towards my desires, which brought me some exciting new experiences and opportunities I have been craving for so long! I want to genuinely thank Jamie for her solid coaching skills, and incredible genuine care about each client she works with. I hope more and more people choose to work with her, and get to experience what its like to be coached by you, and feel their world come back to life!!"

Maria K.
San Francisco, California

"If you’re looking for some direction in your life, then Jamie is your girl! She’s an amazing Life coach who helped me align my life with things that I didn’t even know needed attention. We discussed finances, relationships, home life, spirituality and many more other things. She help me get to the root of the problems that I didn’t even know existed. Jamie helped me realize that life happens and sometimes we need to take a moment to evaluate what’s going on. My stressors ended up being in areas that I didn’t expect them to be in. She’s someone who I feel is very comfortable to talk to and I do believe that everyone needs a life coach!"

Jennifer V.
Orange, California

"I had the pleasure of working with Jamie and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Jamie is one of the best listeners and because of that, her guidance and coaching was so spot on and truly changed my life. My favorite thing about our sessions was that I always felt extremely supported and like I could share anything with her and she wouldn’t judge me! Just the opposite — together we created a plan to get me where I wanted to be and she kept me accountable along the way. If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated or confused about any aspect of your life, reach out to Jamie!"

Liz S.
Lake Forest, California

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